Home Networking and Prewire

Your Home Network can be setup or extended – Wifi and/or hardwired expansion can be applied your existing internet service. Prewire for Security, TV, internet, telephone, cameras, and speakers for a new build or renovation is an economical way to plan for the future.

Connect All your Devices Easily

Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. Wifi can be extended for wireless access – maybe the pool or basement area are dead spots. Remember to wire internet to TV locations for Smart TVs!

Hardwired Jacks can be added to most homes – a solid connection for personal computers.

Ensure your new space will have what you want when you’re ready to live in and enjoy it! Prewire – or setting wire in the walls before they are closed saves on labor. As the space comes to reality that wiring will be used for all the things that enhance our homes and lives – TVs, Security Systems, Sound Systems and more.

Schedule a walk through with us and you will be excited about the possibilities.